Could the surge in mortgage broker activity be the new housing risk?

Generally usually it associated eviction families of low purchasing power in neighbourhoods plagued by unemployment -to which the crisis has hit particularly harshly, but this situation is also reaching out to wealthy people. The difficulties to meet payment commitments affecting more and more layers of society and begin to embarrass the families of upper middle class and many do relate this fact to mortgage brokers. Unemployment and lack of resources are no longer just on the periphery of cities and these problems tend to gradually move to the center and areas where per capita incomes have always been higher. Mortgage brokers may seem like the new threat to a market that is already suffering from the crisis, and this is not just in Australia, but all over the world.

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According to a study by the Association of People Affected by Foreclosures and Auctions (Afes), economic problems have already begun to suffocate people in the metropolitan area west and north of Madrid. In fact the problem is happening all over the richest capitals in Brazil, Argentina, The United States and Australia. This takes a while to hit people, but it always does, even the richest ones, and it does not have relations to the number of mortgage broker Melbourne but to the lack of jobs and lower paying salaries. It is a domino – one falls, everyone falls as well.

Why is it all happening to everyone then?

The reasons lie in the decline in business activity. There are about 22,000 fewer companies in the Community of Madrid since 2007, although this trend began to reverse in the first half of 2012 very slowly entrepreneurs during this period decreased their activity and asked for credits to keep up what we estimated that would be the end of the crisis, it is now when they have been out of their means to meet its debts. The problem is even worse in Brazil now, for example, since 2014 the number of jobs was cut and 2016 is having the worst year in the last 15. The Unites States is also facing the problems of its own. London is sending foreigners who earn less than 35 thousands per year home. The crisis is everyone, and not just with mortgage broker Melbourne.

What about higher income families?

Meanwhile, the families of higher incomes were able to withstand the loss of use of one or more members of the family for some time due to its economic solvency or selling properties, but time has finished draining its resources and the impossibility to continue stretching the budget problems now are to move forward. More details here:

The difficulties of businesses and individuals to meet their payment obligations have been increasing in recent months and so reflect arrears data published by the Bank of Spain, which reached a record high in June reaching 10% all over the world and which represent an increase of almost half a percentage point in just one month. Your mortgage broker Melbourne can actually help you overcome such paying difficulties.